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As a small business owner, you may consider doing your own accounting and other financial processing such as payroll, but this may not be the best option to support your business growth.

Even businesses with a relatively small amount of work involved in keeping books up to date and filing tax returns can benefit from having a professional accounting firm doing their accounts.

Why do small businesses choose to have an accountant?

Many small businesses choose to use accounting services for a number of reasons. One of the main benefits of using accounting firms is that they have in-depth knowledge of tax reliefs and different tax efficiency solutions that can help small businesses to save money.

In the majority of cases, a good accountant will be able to save their clients more money in tax efficiencies than they will charge for their services. This means it is generally more cost effective to use a dedicated accountant, and this is before you even consider the amount of time and hassle it will save you!

What can an accountant do for my small business?

At JMC, we will help to ensure that your small business is compliant with tax obligations, ensuring that tax returns are filed accurately and on time, avoiding potential fines.

In addition to this, our accountancy firm will be able to provide you with tax expertise that can help to save money through tax relief and other elements of tax planning that you may not have been aware you are entitled to.

When you use professional business accountants, you can fully focus on other key areas of your business that drive profit generation, whilst enjoying peace of mind that your annual accounts are compliant with HMRC requirements.

Small business accountancy services in Cambridgeshire

JMC Accountancy provides expert accountancy services to small businesses across the UK. Based in Cambridgeshire, our accountancy team is dedicated to helping our clients to achieve business growth, while taking the complicated accounting tasks away from you as the owner or your small team.

These are some of the accountancy services we provide:


The UK government launched the Making Tax Digital initiative to improve the VAT returns process and to help ensure that businesses complete their accounting obligations correctly. Adopting accounting technology such as Xero is a key requirement of the Making Tax Digital initiative but it delivers many other benefits too, such as improving business processes.

Implementing new technology systems can be daunting and can require extensive systems training. We can take the hassle out of setting your business up with Xero, so you can leverage the unlimited benefits of innovative technology and other online accounting software.


We provide professional bookkeeping services to ensure your books are kept up to date and to simplify the annual tax returns process. Should HMRC ever request to see your accounts, you can be confident that everything will be recorded correctly and ready to easily submit.

Bookkeeping can be very time-consuming and often takes small business owners away from other important tasks, so it makes good business sense to hand it over to the experts such as us.


With so many different requirements for payroll processing, doing these activities takes a considerable amount of time. A clear understanding of how to calculate and process deductions such as tax, national insurance, pensions and student loans is required to be compliant.

Our accounting services include a full payroll service with no hidden costs.

Tax returns

Submitting annual tax returns is a very important business requirement and getting the information filed correctly will prevent your business from being penalised with fines.

Our comprehensive range of small business accounting services includes the full tax returns process to meet your individual business needs.

Why choose JMC Accountancy as your small business accountant?

When you choose JMC Accountancy as your small business accountants, you will benefit from over 18 years of accounting experience.

As an accountants for small business clients, we can provide accounting services at more competitive prices than the accounting services that typically serve larger businesses.

Some of the benefits of choosing JMC Accountancy for your accounting include:

  • Have more time to spend on other areas of your business while we ensure your accounting processes are completed.
  • Get support and advice to help navigate any business challenges faced.
  • We have helped companies to improve their finances and set up more efficient processes to help their business grow.
  • We provide specialist accounting services to all industries and company structures.
  • Switching from your current accountant is simple – we can handle everything.

JMC Accounting are here to help small businesses in Cambridgeshire and nationwide. Contact us to find out more about how our accounting services will benefit your business.

All UK businesses must meet their legal accounting obligations, including filing annual tax returns correctly, with a profit and loss account, balance sheet and notes to the accounts.

Small businesses must keep financial records such as purchases, sales and expenses. These records include bank statements, invoices, paying-in slips, receipts and any other documents that evidence a financial transaction.

Within a small business, the business owner may handle the money or employ someone else to. However, growing businesses benefit from using the expertise of small business accountants.

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